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Friday, August 17, 2012

Contemplation on the Odu Oshe Meji (ose meji)

I am at a loss for words
you have me speechless
how can I describe the feelings I have
but to say, seeing you is the dawning of a new day, bright and full of life
your absence brings the darkness of night, where only my dreams bring news of you
You are me, and I am you
forever connected
I know you will understand my choices... someday
No matter where I am, know that you can always reach inside your heart and I will be there
My blood is your blood
My soul is your soul
We will always be one
Stand on my shoulders and let me lift you above the clouds
So you might soar to places I only dreamed of
I will always love you
as only a father can
forever connected
you are me
and I am you
-- Marcos Ifalola Sanchez

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