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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Contemplation on the Odu Oshe Otura (written on the dawn of my 44th year on earth)

If god is perfect
and humankind is not
then all things on this earth
must be recognized as imperfect
that includes the written word
being a means by which we as humans communicate
and as such, all things that use words to convey meaning
are also wrought with imperfection
So why is it that we ascribe certain books as the "word of God"
when we know full well that if God spoke, it would be perfection
and books are simply words
written by imperfect beings
unable to achieve perfection
let alone describe perfection
not to mention the fact that our particular state
also means we would interpret imperfect words
Bible, Koran, Vedas, Torah, Ifa, I Ching
are words
read by people
written by people
so why is it that we think each is perfectly correct?
When did God
limitless, unconstrained, unfathomable, immeasurable
decide to only talk to us through one book?
When did we
limited, constrained, imperfect, minute
decide we could understand infinity?
Words are three dimensional
changing significance depending on one's vantage point
isn't that the true meaning of the tower of Babel?
Have we not always lived in the tower of babel?
All speaking the same language
but unable to agree on a single meaning
Is not the single language we were meant to use
the unspoken
language of love
babel's lesson is not that we all should speak the same language
but that we should transcend words completely
and live
in harmony
through our actions
even words have no force
when they do not move one to action
do something

-- Marcos Sanchez -- Contemplation on the Odu Oshe Otura (written on the dawn of my 44th year on earth)

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Contemplation on the Odu Ogbe Oworin

Wisdom and Wealth do not always walk hand in hand
They are neither mutually exclusive, nor mutually guaranteed
as life offers no assurance of the degree of either you will obtain
most often, one is the product of luck, the other the result of thoughtful contemplation
A rich man is not often wise
A wise man is not often rich
but we all should strive to achieve harmony between these two states
the balanced person sees that society sits on a scale
weighing finite amounts of wealth distributed to a limited population
the unbalanced person sees only wealth to be had
and no responsibility to anyone other than themselves and those they deem fit
the balanced person sees tyranny, injustice and oppression when the ranks of the poor grow large
raising the wealthy few to soaring heights of grandeur and decadence
the unbalanced person only tries to rig the scales to their favor
feeding the world the illusion that they might some day join the wealthy
full well knowing, few will benefit and most will not
If the wealthy are few, and the poor are numerous
society will eventually disintegrate
which in the end serves no one
and so we must spread the seeds of wisdom and wealth
so that we may reap what we sow
a society that values and cares for everyone
-- Marcos Sanchez --
soundtrack to listen to from "codes in the clouds"

Friday, August 16, 2013

Contemplation on the Odu Iwori Aweda ( Iwori Ogunda )

I leaf through my emotions
like pages in a dusty tome
edges frayed from years of use
Dust jacket creased and torn
each year brings a new chapter
to the novel of my life
At times I pick up where I left off
seeing new adventures unfold
other times I re-read known passages
to find new meaning
only time and distance can provide
or simply to remind myself of what I know
Such a book
yellowed and worn
a traveler across time and space
by my side always
thrown into my pack
taken trekking to far off lands
then placed carefully at my bed side
to be read in those times alone
sometimes shared freely
sometimes revealed in stolen glances
each year it seems you get heavier
and I more frail and weary
but I will continue to carry you
until that day when weight does not matter
and I begin to write the tome
of my existence
in a language unknown to this world
across the midnight sky
perhaps if you listen closely
you will hear my story
within your heart
-- Marcos Sanchez -- Inspired by "the gravel road" by James Newton Howard (listen to it while reading)

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Contemplation on the Odu Ogunda Osa (ogunda sa, ogunda masa)

There is no journey more difficult
then the journey within.
Taken without compass, guide or destination
it can seem a lonely desolate path
but with open heart and clear mind
even the darkness can eventually give way to the light
and the realization that
it's not our end
but our path
that defines us.
We all end the same way
but what we do en route is what we are remembered for...

-- Marcos Sanchez -- Inspired by sufi poet Shams Tabriz and "you" by Nils Frahm (listen while reading)