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Monday, June 29, 2015

Contemplation on the Odu Oturupon Irosun

In a world of chaos
It is important to stop
And hold yourself against the current
So you can hear the water
As it rushes by
Even if you know that
Eventually you can hold on no longer
And you will
with absolute certainty
Be swept up in the rush of humanity
But for one sweet moment
As you steady yourself against the tide
You will live in the moment
Of the moment
And experience the synchronicity
We call life

-- Marcos Caracol Sanchez -- Contemplation on the Odu Oturupon Irosun, written while listening to a violinist play Vivaldi's Four Seasons solo.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Contemplation on the Odu Iwori Ogbe

by definition
should be immutable
in its flexibility, thus allowing it
to stay meaningful through the ages.
Once it has lost its elasticity, it
no longer serves any
worthy purpose
like a branch
unable to bend, it will
invariably break under the weight
of dogma, righteousness and certainty
breeding fear and contempt while
becoming the very
thing that it
with an immovable
barrier, the stream continues its
journey to the sea by embracing its true nature
moving fluidly to adapt to its new
environment fulfilling 

its destiny

Monday, May 25, 2015

Contemplation on the Odu Owonrin Oshe

I have told you stories
Of magical days
And wondrous nights
Of mythical flights of fancy
And impossible feats
Of gods
And demons
Of falls into the depths of dispair
And triumphant returns
But why
have I told you these stories?
You might ask
That seem so
fantastically untrue
As to border on the absurd
It is
So that those of you
Who are lost
Might capture
A glimpse
Of the truths
That lie beneath
Blur your sight
To the recognizable
What you thought you saw
And find with your heart
The wisdom you seek

Friday, May 22, 2015

Contemplation on the Odu Okanran Ogunda (Ocana Ogunda)

I am a collection of stories greater than my own
I carry the history of the universe in my bones
It has made me who I am
For better
Or for worse
All I can do
Is add my chapter
To the book of life
Marking my existence
With a footnote
That says
I hope that after I have returned
To the stardust from whence I came
These words
My words
Will carry whatever wisdom I found
To future travelers
That are amidst writing their chapter
And provide them with
Nourishing morsels of thought
And so I leave you with this
Tiny crumb
Time is only a word
That will never fully capture
Our impermanent state of being
Nor will it ever explain
Where our thoughts go
After our bodies have outlived
Their usefulness
In the infinite universe
Where there is no beginning
Or end
Time is an illusion that serves no purpose
So I say
Forget that it will end
Because every ending
Is just a beginning in disguise
And learn from the stars
That are
Until they are not

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Contemplation on the Odu Okanran Oturupon (Okana Otrupon)

I am a man
I am not a dog
I have two legs
not four
and though I can only
walk in one direction
my mind is free
to pursue many pursuits
to have many thoughts
to follow many paths
some of which 
are dead ends
some of which 
lead to success
all of which
teach me of life
how to succeed
how to avoid obstacles
and how to overcome adversity
so that my eyes
might see the path in front of me
and my mind 
can see the paths that surround me

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Contemplation on the Odu Odi Ogbe

They call me ishmael
and I am on a quest to find the sea
This is my story
A story of the ages
upon which dynasties will rise and fall
Yet my only wish
is that the knowledge of my quest
be left for those who are also
seekers of truth
As with many stories
this one begins humbly
filled with questions and hope
As with all stories
this one ends silently
filled with more questions than answers
It is the tale of my quest
to find an oasis
in a world beset by drought
and filled with desert
in every direction
There is however, no need to tell every tale
I have none that has not already been told
What I will leave you with is this
It is out there
and eventually
everyone finds themselves
on the ocean of eternity
sailing through the universe
The journey through the desert
is just the beginning of a tale
that never ends
I am the breeze that whispers in your ear
I am the collective unconscious
I am you
I am
They call me ishmael
I am on a quest to find the sea
This is my story

Friday, April 24, 2015

Contemplation on the Odu Ogunda Irosun

Pick yourself up off the floor
or end up soiled and grey
drowning in the puddles of emotion
that are squeezed from your body
as passers by step all over you
Pick yourself up I said
because, while it's nice to think
someone will come and offer a ladder
chances are
they won't
and even if they do
it's still up to you
to climb the ladder
one by one
two by two
because opportunity is best viewed
when soaring like a hawk
and impossible to see
in the one dimensional world
you now find yourself in