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Friday, March 3, 2017

Contemplations on the Odu Osa Oyekun

Three thoughts on a day of change

There is no right thing
Just the next thing

While so many
paint the world in
reality is more like an
unsupervised child
with no paper
and an endless supply of
finger paints
in a word
Chose to
live your life
in between the
It's where the real
music happens

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Contemplation on the Odu Ogbe Otura

Habit is a demanding
And reckless lover
Seductive and tender
Just before abandoning
You in a flurry of abuse
But fear not
Soon enough
it will return
Apologizing for the various
Filling you with hope
And sweet promise
As the cycle
Wash your eyes
and see things
for what they are
only then will you
cast off the anchor
that weighs you

Friday, February 10, 2017

Contemplation on the odu Irete Ogbe (ategbe)

Follow me
I’ll open the door
To a place you
haven’t visited
for some time
A world above
the clouds
and beyond the moon
hidden in the mind of
a child
Let's take a train
you and I
while sipping tea
and nibbling scones
as we journey
through the stars
to a metropolis
in the sky
Where elephants fly
cats play chess
and you can
enjoy an espresso
with an antelope
Before you leave
don’t forget
there’s a small bookstore
you must visit
Mr. Kurguin’s House of
Chai, Books and other minor miracles
A simple shop
with an unassuming entrance
though a bit difficult to find
Step inside and you’ll see
a world of possibilities
amidst endless stacks of books
big and small
as far as the eye can see
and everywhere
Mr. Kurguin
will guide you
a quiet old man
with a mischievous smile
and a twinkle in his eye
meanders the forests
tending to his
garden of thoughts
wander until something
catches your fancy
then sit a spell
with a cup of
smoky Russian tea
Lost in the pages
a portal to
another place
You may forget
the time of day
months pass in a
There is one thing
I surely know
you'll never leave
empty minded
and your journey
will be filled with

---- Inspired by the art of Elise Hurst - illustrator, artist & children's author

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Contemplation on Ogunda Ogbe ( Ogunda gbede )

We are all
wounded birds
Of a sort
Filled with insecurities 
Collected like stale
Scattered after so many
Failed attempts 
to find our
It is our
To seek
It's what makes us
Look inward and
your faults 
and mistakes
but remember
Don’t shoot the