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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Contemplations on the Odu Okanran Ogbe (okana sode)

In life, there is very little more dangerous than a true believer
Irrational acts are justified in the name of faith
Blinders allow only a limited view into the nature of things
Heavily tinted glasses change the colors of life
A one dimensional world with no interplay between light and shadow
They live in a painting of a small room, stuck for centuries without change, the same table, the same chair, the same window, the same view
Atheist or theist alike, without fluidity and openness in their views
They paint their canvas with one broad brush stroke, in one color, on one side
Insisting that there is no other possible way to see the world
Gleefully destroying buildings, people, ideas, all while insisting theirs is the only true world view
There is a god
There is no god
I am right
You are wrong
There are only two things we know to be fully true,
We are born
We die
and even those we take on faith
Perhaps we are all just energy
never living or dying,
but simply taking form momentarily
inhabiting a receptacle for the briefest of moments
then discarding that receptacle
and in the moments in between
we are subject to the limitation of the receptacle
unable to fully grasp the enormity of it all
we are just synchronicity
-- Marcos GhostBaba Sanchez

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