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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Contemplation on the Odu Iwori Oshe (Iwori wowo)

Money is a courtesan who can not be wooed
No matter the depth of one's love of her, she will not love back
She knows no boundaries and owes allegiance to no one
and yet
when she looks at us, her gaze lulls us into submission
when she speaks, people everywhere stop and listen
when she moves, our bodies and minds fill with thoughts of lust
Her attentions can take a man from obscurity to prominence
but stand in her disfavor and even the most powerful of men crumble
Fickle, no one knows how many her paramours number, and yet, no one cares
She is a poppy, whose sweet nectar can turn a free man to a slave, chasing after an illusion
Be warned, she does not like being second, and her love is fleeting
Once the dance is done, you will find yourself alone on the ballroom floor, grey and withered, only to see her unaged, in the next room surrounded by a pack men all vying for her favor
Money is a courtesan who will not be wooed
-- Marcos Ifalola Sanchez

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