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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Contemplation on the Odu Oworin Irosun on new years eve 2013

I can’t tell you much
the enormity of the universe
often puts me in my place
but I can tell you this
the only thing that is certain
is that nothing is certain
that doesn’t mean it’s not probable
only that it’s not guaranteed
life is a gift that comes with no return receipt
and a manual that more often than not is missing pages
we assemble ourselves as best we can
adding memories like scavenged parts
trying to build the life we want
with only half the parts required
even those who appear to have more than needed
end up unfulfilled
missing those few critical pieces
to make them whole
you may not have the perfect machine
but you’d be surprised what you can make
if you take the pieces you’ve got
and reassemble them into something useful
you may even end up with
something better than you could have ever expected
-- Marcos Sanchez --

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Contemplation on the Odu Oyeku Ogbe

Beware the system and its subtle ways
for one day you might wake up and realize
you have become dependent on it
enslaved by its rules
fattened on the milk of its breast
defending it like an addict
having forgotten that once 
you dreamed of life outside the box
wake from your slumber
and make your dream reality