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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Contemplation on the Odu Oshe Okanran ( Oshe Okana )

I made some pasta for your mind
so you could noodle on the complexities of life
It's for you, so I had to make everything from scratch
It began with some flour, ground to a fine powder by hard work
To which I added salt dried from the sweat of your brow
an egg born of the spirit of your creation
and the water from a tear of sadness
after kneading it slowly
I spread this knowledge across a board and carefully cut the noodles that I would share
But far from done, I placed it all in a pot of turbulent and boiling waters
from which emerged a perfect meal, nourishing and rich
Still not done
I added tomatoes ripened sweet with age
Basil for character and complexity
and pepper, for a little heat
Gingerly, I place it in front of you
steam dancing across the air
aroma wafting past your nose
let it melt on your palette
this bowl of life
that it may leave you nourished, satisfied and full

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