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Monday, March 18, 2013

Contemplation on the Odu Osa Oturupon

I don't know where we'll go
I can't say what will happen
I won't tell you it will be ok
in the end.
Because I don't know.
Even if I'm cradled in the embrace of a religion
I can't say for sure that those arms are real
and not just something I dreamt.
I may someday awaken
to find myself alone in a dark cold room
whose only windows are my imagination.
Regardless, I can tell you this,
no matter what lies ahead
I am here now
as you are
and I will try to make this place better
as should you
Not through the arrogance of presuming
to have found the only path to salvation
but instead by caring for those that are weak
listening to those that are lonely
feeding those whose bellies are empty
and conquering sadness with joy.
Live now
with an eye to tomorrow
and a remembrance of the past
so that you don't walk in circles
but instead towards the infinite

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