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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Contemplation on the Odu Ogunda Oworin

I am angry
I am incredibly angry
I am unclear why
I am unclear at whom
Yet still
I am angry
This anger lives with me
Like dog shit under my shoe
I stepped in it
Probably more than once
Though I’m unclear when it happened
No matter how I try
I can’t seem to scrape it off
So I keep walking
The smell following me
Reminding me how angry I’ve become
Maybe it was the hundredth time I was told
Perhaps it coincided with that loss of whatever
Semblance of control I had over my
I understand you
I know why you
Opened the door to that
Filled with anger
Blinded by rage
Seething with hatred
You wanted to let it loose
You wanted to make them feel
Like you feel
Maybe that would give you back
Some of your power
Problem is
When you light a fire
You have no idea where the
Wind will blow tomorrow
Like monsters
Are pretty unpredictable
More likely than not you’ll end up
Engulfed in flames
Or eaten by the monster you
Let in
Before you decide to
Unleash the beast
Sit in silence
Channel your rage
Focus yourself before the fires
Consume you
Side note
To you other folks who claim the
Moral high road
You too are
Feeding the beast
Instead of freezing up or
Building an impenetrable wall
When faced with the fury
Try listening
Try asking questions
Try understanding
You might find that
If you can dilute the poison
It can no longer kill the 
Spirit it targets

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Ase Orisa. Ase. May your continuous journey only find its end when you have completed what you came here to do. Happy journey, beautiful soul.