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Friday, May 22, 2015

Contemplation on the Odu Okanran Ogunda (Ocana Ogunda)

I am a collection of stories greater than my own
I carry the history of the universe in my bones
It has made me who I am
For better
Or for worse
All I can do
Is add my chapter
To the book of life
Marking my existence
With a footnote
That says
I hope that after I have returned
To the stardust from whence I came
These words
My words
Will carry whatever wisdom I found
To future travelers
That are amidst writing their chapter
And provide them with
Nourishing morsels of thought
And so I leave you with this
Tiny crumb
Time is only a word
That will never fully capture
Our impermanent state of being
Nor will it ever explain
Where our thoughts go
After our bodies have outlived
Their usefulness
In the infinite universe
Where there is no beginning
Or end
Time is an illusion that serves no purpose
So I say
Forget that it will end
Because every ending
Is just a beginning in disguise
And learn from the stars
That are
Until they are not

1 comment:

Dracor Andrealphus said...

Beautiful poem. Deeply touched my heart.