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Friday, March 14, 2014

Contemplation on the Odu Irosun Iwori

I was born free
until life built walls
that surrounded me
I was born unencumbered
until the world burdened me
with the weight of its’ mistakes
I was born unchained
until religions tied me down 
with righteousness
I was born enlightened
until words tied my tongue
and language obscured the truth
I was born alive
until society handed me a clock
with which to countdown my days
I was born
into a society
that boxed me in
from the moment
I was born
I realized I could
cut a window
build a door
live in
or out

of my box

1 comment:

Claudio Mor√°n said...

Ela boru Ela boye Ela bosise!
I am a venezuelan Babalawo, Falademola is my Ifa name and Okanran Otura my beloved Odu. I just write because would like to thank you for sharing knowledge and enlightenment trough this blog.
Agbo ato Ela asure Iwori Ofun!!