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Friday, August 16, 2013

Contemplation on the Odu Iwori Aweda ( Iwori Ogunda )

I leaf through my emotions
like pages in a dusty tome
edges frayed from years of use
Dust jacket creased and torn
each year brings a new chapter
to the novel of my life
At times I pick up where I left off
seeing new adventures unfold
other times I re-read known passages
to find new meaning
only time and distance can provide
or simply to remind myself of what I know
Such a book
yellowed and worn
a traveler across time and space
by my side always
thrown into my pack
taken trekking to far off lands
then placed carefully at my bed side
to be read in those times alone
sometimes shared freely
sometimes revealed in stolen glances
each year it seems you get heavier
and I more frail and weary
but I will continue to carry you
until that day when weight does not matter
and I begin to write the tome
of my existence
in a language unknown to this world
across the midnight sky
perhaps if you listen closely
you will hear my story
within your heart
-- Marcos Sanchez -- Inspired by "the gravel road" by James Newton Howard (listen to it while reading)

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