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Friday, November 2, 2012

Contemplation on the Odu Ofun Ogbe

To move in stillness
allows the mind to exist
without expectation
like water in a pitcher
that takes on form without resistance
changing seamlessly when poured into a glass
the still mind wraps itself around eternity


Justice De Los Santos said...

Iboru boye aboshishe Baba

This was/is my sign when I received Awo'faka. The idea of adaptability was never expressed to me. But it is exactly my personality. The pataki of this Odu bringing Oso'gbo to my life was stressed over and over. Also there is a massive weight on tragic family loss. It is just interesting to experience two sides of the same Odu. Or is it indeed the same side?
Justice De Los Santos

The Chosen Raven said...

there are no sides
just life

Don69 said...

Aboru Boye,
Could you please write out the full Odu Ofun-Ogbe and the detailed messages in it?


The Chosen Raven said...

Ogbo ato Don,
The purpose of this site is not the write out full Odu and detailed messages. For that you can go to your elders. These are my own contemplations on different odu, and are subject to interpretation by skilled Awo, who can/will often read them in a variety of ways.