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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Contemplation on the Odu Iwori Osa

Do not believe in Ifa
I do not believe in Ifa
Ifa is a theological study on the human condition
a study of our existence in this world
It is not meant as a belief system
but an ever growing corpus of knowledge
passed from one generation to the next
to be pondered
Ifa is a thinking person's religion
It is not for sheep, though it guides us like a shepherd
It is not the answer, though it tells us to question
I am Ifa
You, are also Ifa
We are Ifa
Ifa is the journey with no end
it is just one way
of many ways
each with their own history
each with their own justification
each, an attempt to explain the human condition
Ifa says there is more than one way to any destination
and in the end, we will all reach our home
I am Ifa
Ifa is me

1 comment:

D'Ilha Omo Ifá said...

Aboru, aboye.
I have not read something so simple and profound.
Meditation takes us on a range of our philosophy.
Thank you Baba.