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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Contemplation on the Odu Oshe Otura

Ifa can not be taught, it is revealed throughout our lives when, for the briefest of moments, the veil of truth is pierced and the light which escapes allow us to understand that which we did not before see.  It is not about money or markets, nor about love or war, nor is it about gaining an inch or a mile, it transcends worldly desires leading us into the place where all things past, present and future exist at any given moment. Ifa is possibility and chaos, constantly rearranging and realigning. Stop begging for a solution, and instead look for the shifting patterns that will allow you to navigate the waters and find safe harbor. Ifa told me to reinitiate myself, by myself, to find my beginning in my ending and to look inward so that I might see the world for what it is, what it can be, and not be blinded by my own veil of truth… - Marcos Ifalola

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