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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Contemplations on the Odu Ogbe Irete ( Ogbe ate )

Life is a story, unfolding before our eyes unable to pause even for the briefest of moments. We move in and out of a string of scenes, constantly shifting focus as we simultaneously play both lead and support to an ever changing cast of characters. Re-write, re-invent, re-initiate yourself, by yourself. -- Me 


Acqunita said...

I was told today thatI was in Odu Ogbe Ogbe. I was unable to write it down, so could you give the contemplation on it please?

Anonymous said...

Alaafia acquinta,

unfortunately my "contemplations" are simply that, my contemplations or interpretations of different Odu. They can certainly be used by other Awo when they are divining, but it's important to remember that not all aspects of an Odu are relevant for every d'afa (ifa reading). So what's most important to you is the interpretation and relevant points the Awo Ifa who did your d'afa mentions. I can perhaps comment on the particular Ese Ifa he mentioned, but beyond that, unless it was an "Ita" (the life reading done during a major initiation where the Odu given is meant for life, not for short period) my observations may have no meaning or worse, incorrect meaning for what Ifa was trying to say to you. You may want to read my articles on Ifa Divination so you understand these points better.

Good luck,