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Friday, February 10, 2017

Contemplation on the odu Irete Ogbe (ategbe)

Follow me
I’ll open the door
To a place you
haven’t visited
for some time
A world above
the clouds
and beyond the moon
hidden in the mind of
a child
Let's take a train
you and I
while sipping tea
and nibbling scones
as we journey
through the stars
to a metropolis
in the sky
Where elephants fly
cats play chess
and you can
enjoy an espresso
with an antelope
Before you leave
don’t forget
there’s a small bookstore
you must visit
Mr. Kurguin’s House of
Chai, Books and other minor miracles
A simple shop
with an unassuming entrance
though a bit difficult to find
Step inside and you’ll see
a world of possibilities
amidst endless stacks of books
big and small
as far as the eye can see
and everywhere
Mr. Kurguin
will guide you
a quiet old man
with a mischievous smile
and a twinkle in his eye
meanders the forests
tending to his
garden of thoughts
wander until something
catches your fancy
then sit a spell
with a cup of
smoky Russian tea
Lost in the pages
a portal to
another place
You may forget
the time of day
months pass in a
There is one thing
I surely know
you'll never leave
empty minded
and your journey
will be filled with

---- Inspired by the art of Elise Hurst - illustrator, artist & children's author

1 comment:

osupa wordpress said...

Delightful. Imaginative. Playful. I enjoyed the vivid pictures and was transported for a min! Thanks