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Monday, May 23, 2016

contemplation on the Odu Oshe Irete ( Oshe Bile )

I wake 
Rubbing the sleep
From my eyes 
Breathing deeply
I stand to feel the ground
Beneath my feet
A mouthful of pure water
Passes my lips and
Swirls through my mouth
Washing away yesterday's complaints
to start the day fresh
My arms reach up
Tracing a circle
Around my head
As I greet the sky
That sometimes rewards me
With rays of sunshine 
Pulling clarity down
My hands close in silent 
Touching fingertips
To forehead 
Covering my eyes
To open my other senses
As I kneel
And prostrate
Head to earth
So I might ground
My thoughts
I give thanks to those
That came before
At last I 
stand tall
Like bamboo
Having released
All that kept me chained
I face the day renewed 
A clean slate 
Ready for
What may

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