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Monday, August 10, 2015

Contemplation on the Odu Otura Ogbe ( Otura Niko )

I don't mind that chip
You left on my shoulder
It made me who I am
Every time you said something cruel
Or looked at me like I didn't belong
Or pushed me to the ground
I got back up to spite you
Brushed the dirt from my clothes
And Held my head high
Even when the pain in my bones
made me wince
Over the years I learned that
Getting back up was a skill
As important as any other
And one that could be elevated to an art
I also learned that bones heal
Becoming stronger than before
Able to withstand the bumps and bruises called life
But most important
After many years
I learned the soul too can heal
If we let it
Made of a most resilient material
Needing only care and love
To nourish it back to health
Wiser than before
Better able to withstand the weather
Funny thing
You prepared me
for an extraordinary life
I hope that you too were prepared
Or if not
that you found love
In everything a lesson learned
Thank you


Unknown said...

Thank you so much for sharing this! My husband is Otura Niko and this is perfect for him. My daughter I had with my first husband is Otura Niko and through my huaband Otura Niko I try ro understand her. I would lobe to read more or your work. My email is If you have a blog or there platforms O would like to follow. I am truly grateful to have found your page.

The Chosen Raven said...

This is my blog, if you follow the links, you can see many of the other poems.