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Friday, June 22, 2012

Contemplations on the Odu Ofun Otura

People who claim to have no regrets in life are a bit like horses who's blinders give them only a narrow view of the world. While I'm sure there are saints and prophets, who possibly lived lives with no regret, to say one has never had regret is narcissistic folly. To lack regret is to say one has lived a life without fault, without sorrow, without remorse. We are imperfect, we will make mistakes, and while regret can be a dangerous place to live in, without it, we are unable to acknowledge our humanity. The key is to make our visits to the world of regret as few and far between as possible. -- Marcos Ifalola Sanchez


Ifabimpe said...

I'm glad that I stopped by your site today. I feel good about my place in life right now, but I do have some regrets. And to know that it's alright to have some regrets says to me that it's normal.

Anonymous said...

@ifabimpe I'm glad you found something in my contemplations... I hope to do all 256, plus, and publish them in a book someday. Please forward my blog to your friends and colleagues.