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Monday, June 9, 2008

Oriki Orunmila

Aboru aboye aboshishe,

Oriki are praise names/poetry created by the yoruba. These are created and chanted to praise the Orisa at anytime, when greeting them, sometimes during divination, during our prayers. Below is an Oriki for Orunmila written by me:

Oriki Orunmila

Orunmila Ooo
Orunmila, small man of Igeti town who stands on 16 Ikin to peer over mountains
Husband of Odu, who's children leave footprints in the sand
only to be washed away by the waves of eternity
Chief, who leads by following Ifa's wisdom
Follower, who shines his light on our destiny
like the full moon illuminates a path even in the darkness of night
Teacher whose nimble fingers hold the knowledge of the world with dignity
He who understand that as people, one seeks another to become two, and two fulfill their destiny and beget one.
Orunmila Oooo
Small man of Igeti town who stands on 16 Ikin to peer across the sea
shine your light from the beach to help guide my Ori

By Awo Marcos Ifalola Sanchez
Aboru Aboye Aboshishe


Julian said...

Iboru OBoiye Ibosishe!
peace and Blessings to you.

This is in reference to your Ifablog reposting. I must confess that I am guilty of such and do ask you forgiveness if I have not atributed the re-posting properly to you. I have however RSS your blog to my 360 page and do make an effort to get those who visit it the opportunity to get to the mouth of the river, so to speak.

If its alright, I would like to continue doing this ..especially with articles and insights I feel are exceptionally great for reposting.

Thank you very much.


Anonymous said...

Ogbo ato Julian,

No problem, you're welcome to post the RSS feed, and even repost my blog, just remember to attribute it to me and post the link to the original.

Thanks so much for reading and sharing my work.