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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Isomoloruko - Yoruba naming ceremony

Aboru Aboye Aboshishe,

Please take a few minutes to check out this very informative documentary on the Yoruba naming ceremony (Isomoloruko). This is different from the Esentaiye that is done for Ifa devotees, but an important part of Yoruba culture.
Enjoy ... Ifalola (If the video does not display, you can go to directly)


esubi 21 said...

Aboru Aboye BaBa;
thank-you for the lesson & knowledge from this new blog.
Odabo Iya Esubi Olorisa

Anonymous said...

Under what circumstances is a child named Dawodu?
I ask because that name is used mostly as a designation but some people bear it. Also, do you know the roots of that name (eg Dabiri is from Da-ibi-ri)?

Anonymous said...

I'm not a yoruba linguist, and unfortunately my Yoruba is very limited. Anything can be used as a name, and it's usually confirmed casting Ikin, so if Ifa accepts it, then there is a reason. Dawodu could certianly be Da awo Odu (perhaps casting the secrets of Odu) but there are other interpretations. Probably something a Yoruba linguist may be able to answer, or someone more familiar with Ifa AND yoruba language.