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Thursday, January 4, 2007

Olodumare, Ifa, Odu how Odu manifests - Aug. 29, 2006

Olodumare created all holy Isheshe and falls into the camp of that which can not be fully understood/comprehended by humans, simply because Olodumare is all existance and all possibility
. . . Like the God of the judeo/christian traditions, Olodumare is omnipotent

Ifa is both an Orisha and the codification of all the knowledge of the world past present and future, Odu is the womb that encapsulates that knowledge. Odu is constantly birthing the future as it comes to present . . . This is the process that occurs when Ifa is consulted through the manipulation of the ikin. As a Babalawo chants to awaken the energy imbued within the ikin, he spreads the Iyerosun on the Opon Ifa to not only mark it as sacred space, but to prepare it to birth the Odu for the client. In a regular consultation with Ifa, the Odu manifests it's energy in a finite time which may be a day or a month. When odu is cast during Itefa, the Odu will manifest it's energy throughout the rest of the initiates life. When receiving the "hand of Ifa" initiation, the Odu also manifests itself throughout the clients life, or until they pass on to Itefa (if that is their path) and their birth Odu is determined during Ita.

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